Integrated Report 2023 Zurich Airport Ltd.

Key Figures of Zurich Airport Group

Total revenue CHF million
EBITDA CHF million
Consolidated result CHF million
Return on average invested capital ROIC in %

Highlights of the Financial Year 2023

Reasons to celebrate in the 2023 financial year were not only the 75th anniversary of the airport, but also the continued recovery in air traffic, which exceeded original expectations.

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Sustainability Report

In the reporting year, work was carried out to achieve the various ambitions of the sustainability strategy. In Zurich, for example, the project to use an aquifer storage facility was continued. In international business, the respective local sustainability strategies were further developed.

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Corporate Governance of Zurich Airport Ltd.

In the reporting year, there were changes in corporate management at Board of Directors and Executive Board level. In addition, the Group Code of Conduct was adapted in line with the general understanding of corporate governance.

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Financial Report 2023 of Zurich Airport Ltd.

The further growth in traffic volumes drove revenue and earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) to new record levels in the reporting period. Consolidated profit was almost matching the 2019 figure.

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