Proposal for the distribution of available earnings

The Board of Directors will propose to the General Meeting of Shareholders that the available earnings be used as follows:

(CHF 1,000)



Profit for the year



Profit brought forward



Available earnings



Allocation to the legal retained earnings 1)



Payment of an ordinary dividend of CHF 3.90 (gross) 2)



To be carried forward



In addition to the ordinary dividend as proposed above, the Board of Directors will request that an additional dividend be distributed as follows from the capital contribution reserves:

(CHF 1,000)



Capital contribution reserves before distribution



Transfer from capital contribution reserves to voluntary retained earnings and payment of an additional dividend of CHF 3.20 (gross) 2)



Capital contribution reserves after distribution



1) No allocation is being made to the legal retained earnings because these exceed 50% of the nominal share capital.

2) The dividend sum covers all outstanding registered shares. However, those shares held by the company at the time of declaration of the dividend are not eligible to a dividend. For this reason, the reported dividend sum may be correspondingly lower.