In addition to being a transport hub, Zurich Airport is also a major economic driver. With around 280 companies supporting over 27,000 jobs, it directly and indirectly generates value added of some CHF 5 billion. Moreover, the operation of Zurich Airport indirectly boosts the attractiveness of Switzerland as a business location and as a tourist destination in a variety of ways. 77 airlines connect Switzerland directly to 206 destinations, and consequently serve to connect the country to the most important business centres, popular tourist destinations and key export markets for our tourism and export industries. These were the findings of a study conducted by BAK Economics and INFRAS on behalf of Flughafen Zürich AG in 2017.

Accessibility as a key locational factor

Accessibility is an important locational factor and a key determinant when multinational companies are choosing where to set up a business. It also affects whether local companies are able to grow and access new markets. High global and continental accessibility therefore enhances the attractiveness of a region and drives strong economic growth, which in turn creates more jobs and boosts prosperity. Zurich Airport and the airlines operating there are already ensuring above-average accessibility. However, the rising demand for air travel, increasing capacity constraints and the very small scope for growth available to Zurich Airport today are putting this advantageous position at risk. If it is to continue making a contribution to the region’s attractiveness as a business location in future, continued improvements to its operational framework are vital.

Switzerland’s exporters rely on efficient air cargo

Switzerland is a strong export nation. The majority of Swiss companies sell their high-quality products not only in Switzerland, but also increasingly in markets all over the world. Zurich Airport plays a pivotal role here. As well as carrying passengers, direct intercontinental flights also enable the fast, direct and very safe transport of Swiss products to key export markets. Through its air cargo operations, Zurich Airport is therefore also helping to strengthen Switzerland as a place to do business.