Information policy

Shareholders regularly receive information about current events and developments in the Interim and Annual Reports as well as monthly reports on traffic and trading figures and ad-hoc news releases in “Investor News”. Ad-hoc announcements from the company can be read online at Anyone interested in receiving these Investor News can subscribe to Investor News.

For further information, please see Investor Relations.

Blackout periods

During the period prior to the announcement of the company’s interim and annual results, a general blackout applies to members of the Board of Directors and Management Board and to all employees with access to insider information, without exception. They are not permitted to buy or sell Flughafen Zürich AG shares and options during these blackout periods. No information or estimations beyond already published financial market information may be provided to third parties. The duration of the blackout period is specified by the CFO on a case-by-case basis depending on the work required to produce the respective results, and ends on the day of publication. The blackout period is usually approximately 50 days for the annual results and around 35 days for the interim results.