Purpose, strategy and values

The purpose, together with the strategy and values, constitutes the basis for the success of our company.

Purpose – Strategy – Values

Our purpose – what drives us

We connect people and places, creating positive experiences.

Our purpose guides our actions and drives us. Our airports connect people and places – regionally and across continents. In everything we do, we aim to create positive experiences.

Our strategy – how we realise our purpose

A strong foundation

Our entrepreneurial success is based on motivated and professional employees, well-planned and well-maintained infrastructures, healthy finances, and a smart use of digital technologies.

Mobility hubs at the core

We connect countries and regions with the world – in Switzerland, India and Latin America. We see our airports as state-of-the-art mobility platforms that seamlessly connect all modes of transport.

Commercial centers and experiences

A diverse commercial offering creates lively places where people can spend quality time and with high footfall. Top-class commercial centers provide attractive locations for brands, events and as destinations, creating a positive experience.

High-quality real estate as attractive business locations

We invest in high-quality real estate with direct access to our mobility platforms, which serve as an attractive business location. The revenue generated from this contributes significantly to the economic stability of our company.

Adding value by acting sustainably

We are convinced that the long-term increase in our corporate value as an overarching goal can only be achieved in connection with sustainable corporate management. That is why we set high standards for our corporate, ecological and social responsibility.

Our values – how we work together

We practise five values that connect our employees and create a strong community and corporate culture. These values foster a constructive and respectful dialogue, a culture of openness and willingness to change. They enable us to continuously develop as an organisation and as leaders, teams and individuals.