Organisational structure

Among its non-delegable statutory duties, the Board of Directors of Flughafen Zürich AG is responsible in particular for determining the strategic objectives of the group and for overseeing the Management Board, which currently comprises six members.

GRI 102-9, 102-18

Organisation chart

The following organisation chart of Flughafen Zürich AG shows the Board of Directors and the company’s five divisions headed by members of the Management Board:

As at 31 December 2021


All the functions required for ensuring safe, efficient and high-quality flight operations at Zurich Airport are grouped together in the Aviation division. These include all passenger departure, arrival and transfer processes, the coordination of stand allocation and guidance of aircraft on the aprons as well as safety and security. Everything runs smoothly because all partners are coordinated by a central control body – Airport Steering. The Aviation division is furthermore responsible for all freight-related activities and, together with Aviation Marketing, constitutes the interface to the airlines. Operation of the airport’s 800-hectare site, including planning, utilities, waste management and maintenance of engineering structures, also falls under the remit of Aviation. The Aviation division additionally ensures that aviation infrastructures and procedures are developed to meet demand, and handles all questions relating to noise management and resident protection.


The Commercial division looks after the interests of Zurich Airport’s end customers. It is consequently responsible for marketing, landside transport and managing the airport’s commercial centers. Alongside running the Circle service complex and Switzerland’s most successful shopping center, this division seeks to shape attractive airside and landside shopping, service and dining experiences. It also has overall responsibility for all landside transport services, the airport's various parking offerings and connections to public transport networks, along with the design of the airport’s digital presence and all marketing functions.

Real Estate

The Real Estate division is responsible for the development and construction as well as the commercial, technical and infrastructural operation of all the buildings and associated systems at Zurich Airport. Its portfolio includes everything from the terminals, office centers and logistics and hangar buildings through to the Circle complex. The division ensures that all projects, small and large, are completed on schedule within their defined budgets while meeting the necessary quality standards, and that the airport’s real estate and systems are optimally operated throughout their entire life cycle. These include technical building services, energy and heating, the baggage handling system and the Skymetro passenger transport service to Dock E.


The International division is responsible for all international activities, including the purchase and sale of investments, monitoring the existing portfolio and management and consulting agreements. In view of its growing importance, international business was split off into a separate division within Flughafen Zürich AG from 1 May 2021.

Finance & Services

The Finance & Services division oversees the financial control of the company and management of its cross-divisional functions. Along with the usual financial functions including treasury and investor relations, its remit also includes responsibility for all matters relating to information and communications technology, central purchasing and charge management. The Legal, Risk & Compliance and the Sustainability & Environment departments were also integrated into this division from 1 May 2021.

Staff units

The two central staff units – Human Resources and Corporate Communications (including Public Affairs) – report directly to the CEO. The office of the General Secretary acts as the support staff unit for the Board of Directors.