Three changes in company management

In April 2023, three people in key positions will leave our company: Chairman of the Board of Directors Andreas Schmid, member of the Board of Directors Eveline Saupper and CEO Stephan Widrig. We, the Board of Directors, Management Board and employees, would like to thank these extraordinary people most sincerely for their many years of substantial commitment.

Chairman of the Board of Directors Andreas Schmid

Andreas Schmid took over as Chairman of the Board of Directors when Flughafen Zürich AG was established in spring 2000. Striking a good balance between the economy and the environment and maintaining an affiliation with the region were always important to him, as was an open dialogue with the population, politicians and the authorities. The major achievements of his term in office include the large-scale projects in the fifth construction phase with the commissioning of the Airside Center and Dock E in 2004, the opening of the newly built Dock B in 2011 and the Circle in 2020. Andreas Schmid chaired the Board of Directors with prudence and commitment and is handing over some architectural highlights for the future in the form of the plans for the new Dock A.

Member of the Board of Directors Eveline Saupper

Eveline Saupper was appointed the delegate of the Canton of Zurich to the Board of Directors in May 2015 and served as Vice-Chairwoman of the Board of Directors until spring 2022. Thanks to her legal acuity and experience as a board member, she made a significant contribution to the Board of Directors. With her prudent, straightforward and committed approach, Eveline Saupper worked on behalf of Flughafen Zürich AG for eight years and also successfully presided over the Nomination and Compensation Committee (NCC).

CEO Stephan Widrig

In addition to the change on the Board of Directors, there will be a change in the company's operational senior management. From 2005 to 2008, Stephan Widrig was Chief Financial and Commercial Officer at Bangalore International Airport Ltd. (BIAL) in India and previously Head of Real Estate Management at Zurich Airport. He has been a member of the Management Board since 2008 and, since early 2015, has assumed the overall responsibility for Flughafen Zürich AG as CEO. Stephan Widrig, who will leave the company at the end of April, demonstrated his impressive sense of responsibility and foresight and steered the company skilfully for eight years – including through the challenging pandemic years. Under his leadership, the business model of Flughafen Zürich AG was diversified and modernised, and the strengthened company was guided into a new era.

We would like to thank all three of them most sincerely for their above-average, long-standing commitment to our company.