Equality of opportunity and freedom from discrimination

The Zurich Airport Group is committed to respectful and fair treatment of all people, irrespective of attributes such as language, sex or gender identity, age, sexual orientation, ethnic origin or religion.


Flughafen Zürich AG operates transport hubs and public spaces where all manner of people come together. Treating people fairly and respectfully is essential for providing high-quality services for everyone in a peaceful atmosphere. The company offers equal opportunities and does not tolerate any kind of discrimination. This fundamental attitude applies in particular to interactions with the company's own employees and is enshrined in the Code of Conduct which applies group-wide. The same also applies to everyone with whom they are in direct contact.



Flughafen Zürich AG offers all employees the same rights and opportunities. Its personnel guidelines set out the principles of collaborative working which include treating others with respect, being mutually supportive in one's daily work, and cultivating an open and respectful culture of communication.

Women, men and non-binary individuals are treated equally at Flughafen Zürich AG. This applies in particular with regard to maternity/paternity leave, pay, part-time working, training and professional development, and flexible working time models.

Flughafen Zürich AG has drawn up guidelines for the specific case of dealing with discrimination in the form of sexual harassment. These state that the company does not tolerate any harassment, and set out what action an affected individual can take and where support is available. More information about the subject of employees can be found in the Responsible employer section.

The principles of respectful and non-discriminatory behaviour are also stipulated in similar documents at the company's airports in Brazil, Chile and India, where they likewise apply to all employees. In Brazil, the applicable Code of Ethics and Conduct additionally defines inclusion and diversity as important values. Chile also has a Code of Conduct. In Noida, the relevant obligations are set out in its HR Policy Manual, which addresses in particular ethical conduct and the prevention of sexual harassment.


People with restricted mobility or other disabilities may take advantage of support services at Zurich Airport. All European airports have been obliged to provide such services free of charge since 2009. The relevant EU regulation, which also applies in Switzerland, covers individuals with any kind of restricted mobility, blind and visually impaired people, deaf people and those with an intellectual impairment. These services at Zurich Airport are funded by means of a solidarity levy included in the passenger-related airport charges. Flughafen Zürich AG has subcontracted the provision of these services to another company through a service agreement.

In addition, ground handling firms also provide other support services. Unaccompanied minors or passengers requiring medical assistance are able to get to and from the gates safely.

All the public zones of Zurich Airport are barrier-free. This also applies to the new buildings in Latin America and India, which are obliged to take the needs of people with restricted mobility into account.