Financial outlook

The recovery in international travel is expected to continue this year. Passenger numbers at the Zurich site are expected to rise to around 26 million in 2023.

Aviation revenue will mirror traffic volumes. Positive growth in non-aviation revenue is also expected. Rising passenger numbers at Zurich Airport will lead to slightly higher commercial revenues. In addition, a further increase in revenue from rental agreements and from international business activities is anticipated.

An inflation-related increase in operating expenses is likely in the 2023 financial year, especially for personnel and security-related costs. Significantly higher energy costs are likewise to be expected again.

Overall, Flughafen Zürich AG expects to make a higher profit than in the financial year just ended.

Investment at the Zurich site will amount to approximately CHF 250 million in 2023. Investment at subsidiaries abroad is likely to be around the CHF 300 million mark, with construction of the new airport in Noida set to pick up pace in particular.