Management Board


Stephan Widrig

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
  • Swiss citizen, born in 1972, MA (Business Economics), University of St. Gallen; business consultant at Arthur Andersen (1997 to 1999); joined Flughafen Zürich AG (formerly Flughafen-Immobilien-Gesellschaft, FIG) in 1999 with special responsibility for real estate operations; Chief Financial and Commercial Officer at Bangalore International Airport Ltd. (BIAL), Bengaluru, India (2005 to 2008).
  • Returned to Flughafen Zürich AG in 2008 as Member of the Management Board; CEO since 1 January 2015.
  • Other activities and vested interests: none.

Lukas Brosi

  • Chief Finance Officer (CFO).
  • Swiss citizen, born 1979, degree in business economics; various roles in the corporate consulting division at UBS AG (2000 to 2009); joined Flughafen Zürich AG in 2009 as Group Treasurer, steadily acquiring a wider role and more responsibility, including deputising for the CFO.
  • Became CFO and assumed his position on the Management Board in February 2017.
  • Other activities and vested interests: none.

Stefan Gross

  • Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).
  • Swiss citizen, born in 1969, studied business administration; managerial positions at IKEA in Switzerland, Australia, Germany and Russia (1996–2010); shopping centre management roles for the Federation of Migros Cooperatives (2010–2015).
  • Joined Flughafen Zürich AG in February 2016.
  • Other activities and vested interests: none.

Daniel Scheifele

  • Chief Real Estate Officer (CREO).
  • Swiss citizen, born in 1962, PhD in civil engineering from the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and completed Senior Executive Programme in Advanced Management at the London Business School; project management and planning/realisation of large infrastructure and real estate projects at Rosenthaler & Partner and at Karl Steiner AG; thereafter various management roles in project development and general contracting at Batigroup, Losinger, Steiner AG and Strabag AG.
  • Joined Flughafen Zürich AG in April 2016.
  • Other activities and vested interests: none.

Stefan Tschudin

  • Chief Operations Officer (COO).
  • Swiss citizen, born 1968, MA (Law) and qualified airline pilot; worked as a legal consultant at a law firm and in court (1994 to 1997), as an airline pilot and flying instructor for Swissair (1997 to 2002) and as a legal advisor at PFS Pension Fund Services (2002 to 2006); joined Flughafen Zürich AG in 2007 as a lawyer and aviation specialist in charge of approval processes.
  • Became COO and assumed his position on the Management Board in October 2017.
  • Other activities and vested interests: none.

Stefan Tschudin, Stefan Gross, Stephan Widrig, Lukas Brosi and Daniel Scheifele (l-r).

In the year under review there were no management agreements associated with the assignment of management duties to third parties.

According to Article 19 of the companyʼs Articles of Incorporation, the number of additional mandates that members of the Management Board are permitted to hold in the most senior managerial and administrative organs of legal entities outside the scope of consolidation of the company is restricted to one mandate at listed companies and five mandates at unlisted companies, and to an additional five mandates at other legal entities entered in the Commercial Register.