Strategy model


Zurich Airport is the leading transport and meeting centre in Europe.


  • We connect Switzerland to the world.
  • We welcome our guests round the clock.
  • We undertake projects at home and abroad.
  • We live “Swissness”.


Flughafen Zürich AG fulfils the Confederationʼs licence mandate and increases the companyʼs value by

  • using its resources (employees, infrastructure, finances) sustainably and optimally exploiting entrepreneurial scope,
  • constantly developing the airport as a high-quality travel hub while also ensuring safety and making optimum use of the available infrastructure and technology,
  • using the commercial and services centre (real estate, retail, services) to expand flight operations, bring the fascination of flying to life, and generate profits which enable the system as a whole at Zurich Airport to be further developed to a high quality standard, and
  • utilising its expertise and experience in projects in Switzerland and abroad to develop new revenue streams in the medium to long term.

Principles of conduct

Our behaviour is goal-oriented and is characterised by loyalty, openness, respect and discipline.

Management principles

We assume responsibility, serve as good examples, offer trust and demand accountability.

Commitment to sustainability

Flughafen Zürich AGʼs understanding of sustainability is based on the three dimensions of economic performance, environmental responsibility and social solidarity.

Building on the foundations of safety, quality and efficiency, we operate Zurich Airport in a sustainable way by

  • creating long-term added value and consequently contributing to the economy as a whole,
  • striving to reduce the impact on the environment and improving environmental efficiency,
  • providing an attractive and safe environment for employees, partners, customers and visitors, and engaging in broad-based dialogue with stakeholders.